“Caught up in the frenzy of noise and excitement, I didn’t run for cover. Instead, I kept shouting along with the others, “Down with Saddam!” Years of anger within me came pouring out. Even with its guns, the army was no match for us that day. The angry crowds surged toward the soldiers’ trucks and jeeps despite the rain of bullets. They swarmed en masse all over the military’s vehicles and forced the troops out of their cars so that the soldiers could not possibly shoot at all the waves of rebels. Many soldiers threw down their weapons and ran off down the street, chased by the crowd. Many were caught and some were beaten; most who were captured were taken to the Imam Hussein shrine, which became a makeshift headquarters for the rebels and a detention center for army troops. I saw one older soldier who escaped the crowds banging on my neighbor’s door, crying. He asked to be hidden or at least given some civilian clothes that might save him.” – from a riveting account of the last time Iraq’s tormented people had a few days of hope, before the last president Bush abandoned them to Saddam once again. Do the Iraqis want us to invade? It’s a stupid question. They’re human beings, aren’t they? All that stands between them and their freedom is our ambivalence.

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