From a Catholic priest urging me to hang in there:

I know…
Times are terrible…
The church says gay people are not permitted to get married, ordained, or adopt children. All prohibitions. Not one statement of moral guidance or recognition. Negation only.
I don’t know what to say or think myself.
I wish I could be more encouraging.
I take refuge in conscience (which the tradition treats with utmost respect), and in my belief that the church is larger and older and wiser than one segment, no matter how powerful and officially sanctioned its self-defined role. The Church cannot be contained or proscribed as the narrow experience of what the magisterium teaches. It is all of us. It is the communion of saints. It is the holy spirit alive in the world. And, I suppose, I am just stubborn enough not to let them reduce my church to this…

I am so grateful to all of you who have reached out these past few days. It’s been amazing. I’ve just spent four hours reading your missives. Somuch extraordinary support, compassion, intellect, encouragement. Sometimes, this blog feels like a family. I’m awed and buoyed.

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