“Granted, these are only allegations. But there are a lot of them — enough to fill this whole page, never mind this column. That is too many to dismiss as unfounded. Too many to shrug off as the deeds of a few rogues on the night shift. And too many to make excuses for in the name of political or ideological loyalty. As regular readers know, I write as a war hawk. I strongly support the mission in Iraq. I voted for President Bush. I believe the struggle against Islamist totalitarianism is the most urgent conflict of our time. But none of that justifies the administration’s apparent willingness to countenance — under at least some circumstances — the indecent abuse of prisoners in military custody.” – Jeff Jacoby, in the Boston Globe. Thanks Jeff. Maybe the private conservative horror at torture may now become more public and vocal.

EMAIL OF THE DAY: “You wonder whether the MSM are responsible enough to admit when they’re wrong, and cite the NYT’s editorial of some time back urging the postponement of the elections in Iraq.
They’re just sticking to form. They also editorialized in favor of postponing the recall election in California. There the excuse was much flimsier – the ghost of a suspicion that punchcard voting systems in counties like Santa Clara would result in proportionally more balloting errors in minority areas.
I lived and voted in Santa Clara county for 10 years before I bought a house further north, and that was the first time I’d ever heard such concerns, even in the election of 2000.
Of course, Florida gave the NYT their arguing point, but I think by now it’s clear what these people are up to. If the election seems likely to go their way they’re in favor of it. If it seems that there will be a result they don’t care for then they start worrying about whatever seems like a good pretext – anything from car bombs to hanging chad – to intervene administratively, and let the unelected tell the rest of us how and when we’ll be allowed to vote.
And these are the bunch that claim Karl Rove is depriving the electoral process of its legitimacy. Rove is at least more daring than they are. He’s only trying to change the way we’ll vote, not whether we’ll even get the chance.” More feedback on the Letters Page.

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