Two governors; two states affected by Katrina; two very different polling trajectories. Barbour gains 15 percent in approval; Blanco loses 9 points in approval. Her disapproval is now 56 percent. Maybe the voters of those states are telling us something.

TWO KATRINAS REVISITED: I sloppily wrote yesterday that we are paying for two Katrinas a year on interest “on the Bush-Republican deficit.” I should have written on interest “on the national debt inflated by the Bush-Republican deficit.” Bush is not responsible for the entire national debt he inherited, just for about $1.5 trillion that he has added. That $1.5 trillion is, of course, a record amount in a mere five years (not counting the deficits racked up under Reagan). But the interest on that alone isn’t two Katrinas’ worth. My bad. Under Clinton, of course, we were actually paying back the debt. But that was when we had fiscal conservatives running the government.

ROBERTS AND ROE: A social conservative believes the soon-to-be new chief Justice may well vote against Casey and then Roe. For the record, I think Roe was dreadful constitutional law. Abortion should be left to the voters, not the courts. And if that happened, Democrats would gain.

RELIGIOUS FREEDOM IN IRAQ: A sobering discussion.

GAY BLACK COUPLES: In California, more than half of them are raising kids.


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