Marty Lederman reviews the record of Gonzales’ proposed deputy on the matter of abusing detainees in the war on terror. It isn’t reassuring.

LET THE MILITARY IN: I was a campaigner against the military’s ban on gays earlier than many and I still am. But I’m also a supporter of having the best military we can, and at a time of war, that means letting them recruit on campus, despite their vile discrimination policies. I’m glad my alma mater has allowed them back in. Now let’s renew the campaign against this terrible and self-defeating policy. This website is a good place to start.

KATRINA AND GOD: Don Feder, a respected figure on the religious right and a former columnist for the Boston Herald, says that the hurricane was God’s punishment for California’s legislature approving marriage rights for gays, the vandalizing of Gaza’s synagogues, and the recent Pledge of Allegiance court ruling.


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