Flickr has an idea. Who said fiscal sanity is dead?

NOW, THE FAMILIES: The impact of the new baldly bigoted policy of the Vatican toward gays is not just restricted to gay priests or gay Catholics, but affects their families as well. I know my own family has been torn up by the new anti-gay stance. Others are as well. Here’s an email that speaks to the widespread pain wrought by the proposed ban on gay priests and apparent papal assertion that homosexuality represents a “serious personality disorder”:

I, too have felt the complete and utter devastation of the Catholic church’s new and most hateful policies designed (in my opinion) to push out every last gay Catholic. But let me point out that this is not just affecting the Catholic gay community, but everyone who loves them. As a cradle Catholic and married mother of 3 children, one of them gay, I have found it utterly impossible to pass through the doors of a Catholic church for some time now. I have three children in different stages of their education in three different schools – two in Jesuit Universities and one in a Catholic high school. And though our experience with the Jesuits has been most wonderful, the conclusion reached by this family of five is that we can no longer be a part of a church that has deemed one of our beloved family “evil”. I am all cried out, heartbroken, a bit lost, but at peace with our decision.



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