Armando did respond, but won’t correct. Here’s his post:

See, what Sully does not get is that Summers dismissed bias as an explanation for underrepresentation of women in the sciences offering this nonsensical theory of standard deviations as the explanation.
Frankly, what Summers did as President of Harvard is inexcusable.
Parsing his words for some innocent interpretation is beside the point.
I leave that exercise for Sully.
Summers himself has admitted and apologized for his error.

First off, Summers’ explicit topic was not “under-representation of women in the sciences.” It was, in his words, “the issue of women’s representation in tenured positions in science and engineering at top universities and research institutions.” I know these distinctions are little subtle for Armando, but most people of average intelligence and basic reading skills can make the distinction between all women in all sciences and tenured faculty at the very top of the higher education tree. Second, one of the three explanations that Summers posited was indeed, in his words, “patterns of discrimination in a search.” Does Summers “dismiss bias” as a factor? Again, in his own words, the considerations of innate congitive skills at the very top of the scientific field are “reinforced by what are in fact lesser factors involving socialization and continuing discrimination.” Whatever else that is, it isn’t a dismissal. It’s an attempt at a provocative analysis. Poor Armando. The notion of “standard deviation,” one of the most basic principles in statistics, is “nonsensical”? As one of my readers commented,

Are you out of your friggin’ mind? You expect one of the LostKosKidz to understand something like deviation from the mean? C’mon. Have you ever read one ounce of analysis over at the LostKosKidzKomedyKlub? It’s all based on the theory that, if our side screams real loud, we’ll win the argument. And the site gets so many hits because it has a comments section the commenters tries to outscream each other. Don’t stay up late for a correction.

Point taken. I’ll stay up late finishing a column instead.


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