It’s very complicated but Marty Lederman’s latest post on the evolution of the Bush administration’s policies on abuse of detainees contains important new details, and glimmers of hope. It now appears that the infamous 2003 pro-torture memo may have had such a damaging effect that Justice Department lawyers [not White House lawyers, as originally posted] managed to repudiate it more swiftly than we previously understood. We still need more information – like the actual critical March 14, 2003 memo from OLC Deputy Assistant Attorney General John Yoo to DoD General Counsel William (Jim) Haynes. Why has the administration not yet given it to the Senate? It may be the smoking gun. Marty says he’s going to work on other stuff now. But his work has been invaluable. I can only hope he will find himself morally obliged to keep tabs and post again if major developments break. We need him.

MALKIN VERSUS GOP PORK: Hats off to her. She’s targeting Alaska Republican Don Young, nominating him as “the Biggest, Oinkiest Jerk in Congress.” The conservative revolt against today’s Big Government Republicans may be gaining momentum. Better late than never.

AN EVERGREEN ALUM WRITES: “I was a Greener from 1994-1998. It’s an amusing little experimental liberal arts college out in the woods started in 1971.
I don’t know what year the official fight song was adopted, but by the time I attended, it seemed pretty dated. Enrollment at the school was nosing toward two-thirds women and probably half of them were lesbians, or at least LUGs (lesbians until graduation). The biggest sporting event at the school was not tennis or soccer, or even hacky-sack, but the women’s rugby team. Need I say more?
The men were all cowed and sensitive or had smoked enough pot that they were impotent — that is, insensitive (one of the faces of the school clock tower was stopped, permanently set to 4:20). The Squirting Geoduck was really the environmentally sensitive equivalent of the red sports car: fantasy projection.
Thanks for the attention to my alma mater. Despite my gripes, it’s quite an undiscovered gem of a school if you know how to find your niche.”


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