Not a good week for Paul Krugman. He loses a huge chunk of his audience, his website no longer carries his most recent columns for free, and his occasional dishonesty as a journalist is attacked by the NYT’s own Public Editor. Gotta hurt. No amount of Bush-related unemployment or poverty could cheer him up. In the Geraldo-Stanley slug-fest, Geraldo scores a knock-out – and the umpire is the NYT’s! This really is a test of MSM versus blog accountability. Both Stanley and Krugman need to retract their untruths in their own words. Or someone needs to tell them to. It appears Gail Collins refuses to do her job, or cannot do it. So Sulzberger must surely step in and tell Krugman and Stanley that they must correct. It’s not that hard. We all screw up. I’ve run corrections when I’ve goofed, the most recent being here. But blog corrections are actually up-front on the blog itself, not minimized or buried in spinach, as Calame implies some significant NYT corrections are. Kudos to Calame for his balls; and to Keller for allowing him to expose even his own misjudgments. But this cannot be the end of this.

BEYOND PARODY I: I’m beginning to wonder whether the MSM writes up rallies by extremist anti-war groups from some kind of Politburo template devised by Michael Moore. What’s up with this:

Vast numbers of protesters from around the country poured onto the lawns behind the White House on Saturday to demonstrate their opposition to the war in Iraq … A sea of anti-administration signs and banners flashed back at a long succession of speakers blah blah blah

How many people were in DC? The reporter, Michael Janofsky, is, apparently, blind:

Organizers of the rally and march had a permit for 100,000 people, but the National Park Service no longer provides official estimates for large gatherings in Washington.

Memo to Janofsky: how many did you figure were there? I’ve seen no accounts that come even close to 100,000 and several that put the number at 2,000 or so. The NYT had two reporters there – Holli Chmela and Lakiesha Carr. Were they blind too? The piece was laughable, boilerplate propaganda, pure and simple.

BEYOND PARODY II: Still, this NYT piece brought a chuckle. Amtrak delays kept many of the throngs stuck in NYC:

A group of young women known as the radical cheerleaders, dressed in pleated short skirts, with pompoms made of plastic trash bags, shouted: “Let’s get on the right track. Get the troops out of Iraq.” Another chant went “Money for trains, not war.”

So now Iraq is responsible for delays in Amtrak?


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