The marriage has officially broken up.

HOW CAN YOU TELL …: … when a political ideology has become the equivalent of a religion? When it attempts to indoctrinate 4 – 8 year olds. Check out some of the illustrations here. (Update: the illustrations on that site are fakes and parodies. I apologize. I was conned. The book, however, is utterly real and sincere. It is not a parody and it is not aimed exclusively to adults. For more: see here.)

EXCUSE ME? From the NYT today:

Though “The Color Purple” tells a story of redemptive love and the triumph of the human spirit, it does so through some unsettling elements, including family violence, incest, racial discrimination and lesbianism.

Nice to see how some people view homosexuality. Just as unsettling as incest and racism. In the New York Times.


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