“Your post on the children’s book with scary liberals under beds reminded me of a column by G. K. Chesterton from the Illustrated London News (June 15, 1912 in the Ignatius Press Collected Works edition). He tells of a “Socialist Sunday School” and of a friend seeing “a string of small, thin children, with small, thin voices, singing in a shrill but lifeless manner the following words:

When the Revolution comes,
When the Revolution comes,
When the Revolution comes,
The Social Revolution.”

Chesterton continues: ‘You would naturally suppose that the Anti-Socialists…would hold such pedantry to public scorn…’See what sort of people these Socialists are! how cut off from humanity and humour! They don’t know what a child is; they don’t know what a school is; and they certainly don’t know what a revolution is, or they wouldn’t mix up such incongruous things together.’ But do the Anti-Socialists say this or anything like it?…I saw in the paper yesterday that they had established a serious official organization called ‘The Children’s Anti-Socialist League’. What an age of infanticide! Fancy a little girl of six being either a Socialist or an Anti-Socialist! She might as well give us her views on Bimetallism while she is about it.’
I don’t think Chesterton was ever accused of lacking a sense of humor.”

Meanwhile … here’s another kiddy book about a cat who’s a … Republican.


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