It’s embarrassing. Daily Kossers in the comments section expose his combination of moral condescension and ignorance of basic statistics. He’s reduced to saying that he cares about racism and sexism (which I don’t doubt) but that I, and others in the reality-based community, don’t. For the record, I believe with every ounce of my being that discriminating against an individual on the basis of race or gender is deeply, profoundly immoral. (That’s why I oppose affirmative action, by the way; and why I favor equality in marriage rights.) But Armando’s view that women are somehow being discriminated generally in higher education makes no sense at all. As anyone on any major campus will tell you, and as Glenn Reynolds points out today, women are now outnumbering men on most campuses. Is that a function of anti-male sexism? Or merely a recognition of individual merit?


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