“Aren’t you guys in charge of the “legislative agenda”. And for all the talk of your disdain for ‘flaunting rhetoric’ what have you done? Nothing. When push came to shove you refused to put any of the ‘pork’ to your home district on the table. What is this, ‘Do as I say, not as I do?’. That doesn’t work for parents and it sure as hell won’t work for you.
And even worse was the apparent tongue lashing you gave conservative House members for actually proposing real cuts. The article claims you don’t like GOP House members portraying the GOP as big spenders. Well, it’s the truth isn’t it? Perhaps you need to look in the mirror and take stock of whether or not, to paraphrase Jack Nicholson, you can handle the truth. Plus, you’re not a king, so you don’t get to tell the ‘peasants’ when to speak and when to shut up, especially when they are speaking uncomfortable truths.” – anklebitingpundits, formerly “CrushKerry,” speaking the truth to Tom DeLay.


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