Here’s WaPo’s June profile of Harriet Miers. She is, of course, married in a meaningful sense: to the Bush clan. Her qualification is primarily personal proximity to the president:

Formerly Bush’s personal lawyer in Texas, Miers came with him to the White House in 2001 as staff secretary, the person who screens all the documents that cross the president’s desk. She was promoted to deputy chief of staff before Bush named her counsel after his reelection in November.

Cronyism, anyone?

THANK GOD: The “Exodus Ministries” reference in Harriet Miers’ resume, which caused me to splutter my coffee over my laptop this morning, is not an ex-gay group. According to the Human Rights Campaign,

During the announcement, President Bush referenced Miers’ affiliation with Exodus Ministry. This is not the so called ‘ex-gay’ group, but is ‘a non-denominational Christian organization established to assist ex-offenders and their families become productive members of society by meeting both their spiritual and physical needs.’

Phew. My apologies for the sudden panic and hastily revised post.


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