“After years of being told by people of faith (almost exclusively Christians) that my lack of same must be due to some horrible event in my life, some trauma that convinced me there couldn’t possible be a benevolent controlling intelligence behind the universe, I now read from your e-mail correspondent that “people who have never found themselves in a situation that they could not possibly comprehend or conquer through their own wills and resources (or resources they’ve been given by others) are the quickest to say that there is no God.”

So now my lack of faith is apparently down to the absence of trauma, rather than an over-abudnance of it. (Could it possibly be that faith or the lack of it is more about the individual and how he or she deals with trauma than it is about traumatic events themselves? Perhaps different people just deal differently.)

I’m not sure why people feel the need to come up with some abberational explanation for my failure to share their beliefs, but this gratuitous insult — supplemented by the expressed (and rather un-Christian) wish that I one day experience such horror — spoiled what would otherwise have been an affecting account of one person finding a way to deal with the trouble in her life.”


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