Of course, he’s correct in general about the healthiness of recent conservative intellectual debate over Bush’s often unconservative presidency. Money quote:

Unlike the boy who cried wolf too many times, todayx92s Republicans — and conservative commentators — are the boys who never cried wolf. On the size of government and the size of the deficit, for example, the Bush administration has been as anti-conservative as an administration can possibly be — and has faced only scattered criticisms from most conservatives.

Ahem. Some of us were criticizing him on conservative grounds for the past two and a half years. Not everyone was silent. Cato and Heritage yelled about big government conservatism. George Will has been consistently skeptical about this administration. Bill Kristol has been after Rumsfeld for quite some time. Some of us even endorsed Kerry because of Bush’s record. I know we’re a tiny minority, but do none of us principled conservatives count?


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