“These so-called movement conservatives don’t have much of a following, the ones that I’m aware of. And you just marvel, these are the senators, some of them who voted to confirm the general counsel of the ACLU to the Supreme Court, and she was voted in almost unanimously. And you say, ‘now theyx92re going to turn against a Christian who is a conservative picked by a conservative President and theyx92re going to vote against her for confirmation?’ Not on your sweet life, if they want to stay in office.” – Pat Robertson, on the 700 Club. What we’ll see, I think, is a clearer and clearer message from the White House that to oppose Miers is to oppose Christianity. It will be a subtle coded message, but it may resonate with the religious base voters if not the religious base activists – let alone the Washington conservative intelligentsia. Miers is turning out to be a real wedge within the Republican coalition.


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