“Dear Captain Fishback,
Keep your head up, sir, and know that here’s one former airborne troop who would be proud to throw you a salute any day.
I have been ashamed of the craven conduct of those now in command of my Army and their dishonorable support and concealment of the unlawful and disgraceful conduct you are fighting to stop. I hope that the SecDef and those on down the chain of command who have shielded the troops who have broken the laws of war and the officers’ responsible for the actions of these troops are merely stupid. If they arenx92t, then they will be called upon to explain themselves after the misbehavior they have encouraged has handed Osama and our jihadist enemies their greatest propaganda victory.
If we are to win our fight against Islamic terrorism it will be the actions of honorable warriors such as you, sir, that will lead us to victory. Donx92t give in, donx92t regret what you have done. For one thing, you have helped restore this soldierx92s faith in the willingness of an Army officer to give fully of himself for Duty, Honor and Country.
All The Way, Sir!”

I’m still forwarding emails of support to Ian Fishback, who tried for months and months to get clear guidance from his superiors about treatment of military detainees, and whose letter to Senator McCain helped shift momentum to pass an amendment to codify the existing ban on cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment of any prisoners. President Bush and especially vice-president Cheney are determined to prevent the amendment from becoming law. Senator McCain is hanging tough. If you want to send a message of support to Fishback, you still can:


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