Could marijuana actually help long and short-term memory? New research offers some surprising clues. Meanwhile, in Bush’s America, marijuana arrests continue to spiral upwards. There are now more arrests for mere pot possession than for violent crime. The whole policy is insane.

THE TORTURE STRUGGLE: Here’s a simple question. Since, according to the president, the United States doesn’t torture anyone or apply cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment to detainees as a matter of policy, why would he threaten to veto a bill that merely outlines what is already illegal under our existing obligations? Hmmm. He doesn’t want his hands tied, so to speak? He means tied by the law and the existing codes in the army field manual? But why on earth would he ever need to circumvent those if he doesn’t endorse cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment of detainees? Meanwhile, of the nine pro-torture senators, three are on the House-Senate conference committee responsible for coming up with a final amendment to the military appopriations bill. The amendment is in dange of actually codifying torture in some respects, if those senators get their way. Marty Lederman explains why here.


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