The rumors are now swirling. Who has really been cooperating with Fitzgerald? The new buzz is that it could be … Colin Powell. Who ends up at the center of the Plame outing? The odds may be narrowing on Cheney. If that pans out, we could be about to hit Plamegate pay-dirt; and the Bush administration could be headed into a political Katrina. But this is still just Capitol Hill buzz; and my sourcing is still light. A blog is not a newspaper and what I’ve just detailed wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) get into a newspaper. But, hey, speculation is part of what a blog is for; and I don’t see why I should withhold what folks in DC are buzzing about from readers. We still don’t know a lot. And these rumors may be shot down. But the issue may well be the now long-reported Airforce One trip where Plame’s covert status was allegedly discussed. With whom did Powell allegedly share the email? Who took the information and used it? We may soon find out.


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