An emailer responds to my previous post:

“You are right, Bush should clean house (I would say, because this nation has no means to do that otherwise until 2008, e.g. call for elections).

But your post is pie-in-the-sky for two reasons: 1) He will never do it. He has never backtracked on anything significant, for better or worse (usually worse). You are asking him to admit wholesale failure. What in his history suggests that he would ever do what you are asking? In fact, his stay-the-course simplicity has been a major cause for the current problems.

2) The country has had a “reeling vacancy” in the Oval Office since 2001. All of the failures, the poor choices, the misguided appointments, lack of foresight and diplomatic grace etc. have been there for years. Put another way, he is not reeling now just because he has been caught at being wrong in so many ways on Iraq, North Korea, the deficit, torture, cronyism, et al. He is reeling now because he has always been reeling.

There is a distinction physicians make between an acute illness and the acute diagnosis of a chronic illness. We as a nation are dealing with the latter.”

That’s what I fear and why I reluctantly backed Kerry last year. But I’m trying to be constructive. And Bush has been capable of radical moves in the past. If it weren’t for the war, this would be an opportunity for schadenfreude, but far too much is at stake for that kind of response. I can hope, can’t I?


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