If the New York Times’ version is correct (a big ‘if’ these days), then it seems to me to be a pretty horrible scenario for the president. You have Libby indicted and Cheney thereby under suspicion, with a raft of potential questions heading his way; and you have Rove still under threat from the Grand Jury, fighting for his legal and political life, but required to stay mum (and understandably distracted) if the prosecution continues. You don’t even get a clean break, and a chance to start over. I’ll ask something else: if Fitzgerald doesn’t have enough evidence to indict Rove after two years, is it fair to prolong the agony? Equally, is it fair for Rove to ask the president to keep him on when he is under such a cloud? I’m writing this with only the scantest of clues as to the full scope of what we’ll find out tomorrow. So allow me to revise these instant remarks in due course.


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