It’s in response to my insta-post of last night:

Andrew, you wrote: “If Fitzgerald doesn’t have enough evidence to indict Rove after two years, is it fair to prolong the agony?”

Yes, it’s fair. This was likely part of his reported discussions with the chief judge on Wednesday, to check if what he had on Rove was enough to keep the investigation going. This is very similar to his investigation of former Illinois governor George Ryan and the corruption in his offices over the course of years. What started with a fatal car accident eleven years ago has erupted into a trial putting an entire system of “doing business in Illinois” under a very public microscope. In that case, Fitzgerald repeatedly referred to “State Official A,” until he had enough to indict Ryan almost two years ago. That he would name Rove so early is not a good sign for the White House.

If the NYT is right, then there’s a high likelihood of a lot of smoke from Rove, but no flames yet. Libby, on the other hand… Fitzgerald is acting like any competent prosecutor here, picking one thread to pull on, and seeing what unravels.

Sure, but at some point, you have to stop, right? I guess we’ll soon find out enough to judge whether Fitzgerald has reasonably reached that point or not.


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