A blogger comes clean:

I have a confession; I supported the war. I was one of the “liberal hawks” who focused only on the (true) horror of the Hussein regime, without listening to the nagging doubts of caution and the fear of pride that I felt right above my belt. No, I too was swept up in the bright hubristic vision, and thought that we could re-make the broken map. I remember thinking such silly things at the time:

The invasion will be welcomed, after the people realize Hussein is gone for good.
Iraq is at heart a middle-class country.
We could move our bases out of Saudi Arabia, and have a stable base of power in the Middle East.
The other Satrapies will democratize because of our example in Iraq, and our menace.
If the Shia and Sunnis and Kurds don’t get along, we’ll just break the country up.
We’re the only remaining superpower. We have a moral obligation to project power against dictators.


It’s painful to read. And no, I’m not where this guy is. I haven’t given up yet.


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