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CLASSIC CHOMSKY: A reader comments on the Chomsky interview in the Guardian:

That interview is simply classic Chomsky. Three elements of his shameful legacy appear in all their glory:

1. The denial of mass murder: just as he denied the Khmer Rouge genocide in Cambodia until it couldn’t be hidden any longer, the massacre at Srebrenica was overblown.

2. The intellectual defense of crackpot conspiracies: Chomsky never agreed with Robert Faurisson that the Holocaust was a hoax, he simply defended the possibility that Faurisson was some sort of “apolitical liberal” trying to find the truth and not an antisemitic crackpot. Likewise, he praised the “wrong, but outstanding work” of the Living Marxism magazine.

3. The latent anti-semitism. Note the throwaway claim at the beginning of the interview, where the brutal Tsarist policy of state anti-semitism is described as “not very bad, by contemporary standards. In the worst of the major massacres, I think about 49 people were killed.” This fits in nicely with his defense of Faurisson and the claims he has made about the need for Jews to “make sure they have total control, not just 98% control.” as they are “the most privileged and influential part of the population.” in the United States.

An anti-semitic crackpot, a denier of genocide, and an intellectual coward. Yup, Noam Chomsky shows his true colors to the skeptical Guardian reporter.

The good news is: he didn’t get away with it.


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