RealClearPolitics has some useful links to profiles and opinions. Here’s a piece on his frequent dissents. Money quote:

[O]ver the years, Alito has been a frequent dissenter. And, unlike in Casey, he has sometimes been vindicated, when the Supreme Court reversed his colleagues and made his view the law.
In Homar v. Gilbert, Alito dissented from a ruling that a state university had violated a campus police officer’s due process rights by suspending him without pay immediately after he was arrested on drug charges. The Supreme Court later agreed with Alito’s view that no hearing was required because the criminal charges showed that the suspension was not baseless.
Perhaps Alito’s most memorable dissent came in 1996 in Sheridan v. Dupont, a sex discrimination suit that forced the 3rd Circuit to tackle fundamental questions about the plaintiff’s burden of proof.

Every profile emphasizes his mild manner. So he’s got the temperament of Roberts with the judicial philosophy of Scalia. From the point of view of the right: about as good as it gets.


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