Every now and again, it’s worth looking closely at a mind that has lost its mind in the services of blind partisanship. Here follows a paragraph from Hugh Hewitt’s NYT op-ed last week, which, for some reason, I didn’t read, but which a reader just brought to my attention:

The right’s embrace in the Miers nomination of tactics previously exclusive to the left – exaggeration, invective, anonymous sources, an unbroken stream of new charges, television advertisements paid for by secret sources – will make it immeasurably harder to denounce and deflect such assaults when the Democrats make them the next time around.

Hewitt is saying – in a national publication, presumably pre-meditated – that no one on the right ever used exaggeration in its cause, or invective, or anonymous sources, or television advertisments paid by secret sources, until the Miers debacle. This is his empirical claim. He is empirically nuts.


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