I asked “Why is it in society’s interests to keep gay women and men from [civil marriage’s] stability and security?” Here’s one answer:

As long as “God” says it is a sin you must be punished, banished and not allowed to prosper.
And we have to make the old adage true that homosexuals live and die alone. Otherwise our children will think it’s okay to be gay.

Anyone else care to respond to my specific question? To put it another way: Given that around 3 percent of the population is gay and always will be; given that we live in a free society and do not wish to lock them up or deport them; why is it in society’s broader interest to discourage them from forming stable bonds? In some ways, it cuts to the chase of the debate.

US AND THEM? We are often asked not to judge other cultures and other religions, and, in general, it seems to me a wise presumption. We often misunderstand what we do not know; and tolerance is a good thing. But then there are lines where culture really does matter; and where social and cultural norms in other places really do strike us in the West as profoundly wrong. Like involuntary female genital mutilation; or the hanging of teen-age gays; or infanticide. Here’s what appears to be one of them. I’d be grateful if anyone knows exactly how, why, where and when this occurred; whether the Iranian government sanctioned it; whether Sharia somehow sanctions it; and other details. The images are deeply disturbing, so PLEASE do not click on this link if you are squeamish.


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