Fair enough. I have to concede this one:

It’s black and white: If gays are allowed to marry then the price of weddings will sky-rocket, pure and simple.
Here’s one example: Sue and Tom decide to marry. They are looking at a basic affair in the northeast, so this means a price tag of $30,000 to $50,000. In New York, this is no frills. Now, Sue goes to the wedding of her co-worker Steve and his partner Gary. Fancy reception in a loft overlooking the river or ocean at sunset, a small lite-jazz combo, wonderful wine from a small vineyard out west, terrific finger food with ingredients the relatives from Pennsylvania cannot even spell, video montages of their vacations and favorite scenes from films and plays, maybe a minor 70s disco diva comes in and sings her one-hit wonder before the crowd, balloons and confetti from Katex92s Paperie in SOHO, dessert from a chef who was flown in for the occasionx85
The nuptials now cost six figures. Tomx92s life is in a quandary -x96 cobalt or cranberry napkins?! -x96 just because Steve and Gary were selfish enough to want to commit to one another.
Stop gay marriage now!

By the way, South Park Wednesday night is the gay marriage episode.


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