Bloomberg, Bush and gay porn. That’s one hell of a way to lose.

ALITO AND THE STATE: Cass Sunstein examines some of Alito’s dissents. They do have a theme:

Prisoners in long-term segregation units were banned from receiving newspapers or magazines from either the prison library or the publisher. The majority struck down the ban as a violation of the First Amendment. Alito dissented, finding the ban to be within the prison’s legal authority… When a majority of the court found a violation of the right to a speedy trial, he dissented. So, too, when the majority ruled that a district court had the authority to reduce a convict’s sentence under the sentencing guidelines. So, too, when the majority ruled that habeas corpus relief was constitutionally required when the state had not met its burden of proving the defendant’s specific intent beyond a reasonable doubt.

He certainly seems to be a reasonable and careful judge. But you can see why Bush picked him. Bush is no fan of individual rights – especially when it comes to criminal justice.


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