Two interesting developments. In Iran, the nut-job Islamo-fascist president may be provoking a split in the ruling elite. By recalling dozens of ambassadors, and calling for the annihilation of Israel, Ahmadinejad may be creating a new crisis of legitimacy. Money quote:

Mohammad Khatami and Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, two former reformist presidents, are openly critical of his policies. On Sunday, Mr Khatami accused the new leader of “using fascist values and principles in the name of Islam to criticise liberalism”. Mohammad Atrianfar, a close Rafsanjani ally, yesterday called the sackings a big diplomatic mistake. “The President does not understand that he should proceed with caution,” he said.

When a former Iranian president calls the current one a “fascist” in the press, we have a small sliver of progress. Meanwhile, in Iraq, we have a clear sign that the Shia and Kurdish factions are reaching out to disaffected Sunnis in the military. Keep the diplomacy up, Zalmay. And Syria’s regime is on the brink … Our enemies can make mistakes too. And that is one small piece of hope.


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