Here’s an email typical of one I get all the time:

I have been a big fan of your blog for some time now, but I do have one major problem reading it – the white lettering on purple background makes it really hard for me to look at the site for any extended period of time. This is not an aesthetic problem – I absolutely no sense of color coordination and would not presume to criticize from that perspective. What I mean is that I find your site physically hard to read due some weird light dynamics related to the color scheme. Further, when I switch to a new site, I have to take a break for a minute or two until my eyes reset – like post-looking at a bright light or the sun.

I take the point. I actually like the color scheme and hope to retain it in an upcoming redesign. But I know it can be hard for some to read. That’s why there’s a little button up top of the Dish, just under the words “Daily Dish”. It’s easily missed but it says: “Black & White.” Click on it and the colors reverse.


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