Armando has an unseemly fit about Fred Hiatt. Hiatt’s point seems completely legit to me. Money Hiatt quote:

The Democrats could be responsible and fiercely critical, too, as Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) has shown throughout the war. When they pull a stunt such as insisting on a secret Senate session, it could be to debate Bush’s policies on torture and detention. They could ask whether everything possible is being done to furnish the Iraqi army with protective armor. They could question whether anyone inside the administration is focusing with the same urgency on prodding Iraqi politicians toward compromise as are America’s ambassador and top generals in the field.
Individual Democratic senators have focused on individual questions such as these (for example, Michigan’s Carl Levin on torture), but for the caucus and its leader, Harry Reid (Nev.), the key questions are all about history.

I have no problems with investigating the pre-war intelligence process. But we are still at war, and a responsible opposition does more than oppose: it offers an alternative for the future. How do we win? What do we do now? What specific reforms are needed? Better training for Iraqi forces? Better monitoring of the Syrian border? An end to torturing detainees? More Dems need to be making positive pro-active arguments for winning this war. Until they do, they will deserve the label of ‘unserious.’


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