More details on the musicians behind “Bush Was Right.”

THE VATICAN BAN: I don’t want to comment at any length until the actual document is released and I’m feeling well enough to tackle it properly. Please be patient. Here’s an interesting take, however, from an influential Catholic leader, Timothy Radcliffe. My own view is that Radcliffe is too sanguine. I’ll explain why soon.

AIDS MORTALITY IN AMERICA: The good news continues.

ISLAM VERSUS GAYS: Another horrific story from the Middle East.

BOOK NEWS: The only silver lining from Michael Oakeshott’s death is that interest in his thought is cresting again, and much formerly buried writing and lecturing is being published. Here’s the latest. Here’s also a new review of “Father Joe,” a book I gave a rave review for in the NYT. It’s by one of the sharpest young Catholic critics out there, Grant Gallicho. I’m relieved Grant sees the enduring merits of the book. I am and was appalled at the subsequent accusations of incest and child abuse made against Tony Hendra by his daughter. I cannot help but feel to some extent conned by the book, if the daughter’s account is correct. At the same time, I wonder if the Holy Spirit doesn’t work in strange ways. That this astonishing account of grace came from a soul still deeply compromised by sin should not surprise Christians. God chooses often very flawed vessels for his message of love and redemption. That, at least, is my hope. My heart goes out to the obvious pain felt by Hendra’s daughter. I hope my review did not in any way intensify it. It was obviously not my intention.


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