I am constantly being told that every position I hold – from support for flat taxes and balanced budgets, to opposition to affirmative action, hate crime laws, and torture – is simply a function of my being gay. Here’s a recent contribution to the topic:

The key to everything Sullivan writes is the defense of his sex life. His attacks on Bush suddenly began after Bush said no to gay sex. And, of course, his increasingly shrill loathing of Benedict springs from the same source. Now, an attacker can exploit an enemy’s weakness or he can try to create a weakness where one does not exist. In the case of Bush, [Bush] really is vulnerable on the question of torture and Sullivan has been doing a bang-up job pointing out the weakness of the Administration and its apologists on this matter. I have serious difficulty believing he would be nearly so passionate if Bush had announced that he would do everything in his power to make gay marriage the law of the land. In that event, I think we’d be reading lots of fawning suck-up pieces about Bush’s “tough stands” against international terror, etc.

Not a word of this with respect to my motives is true; and all of it is deeply offensive. Bush supported sodomy laws in Texas and strongly opposed gay marriage when I reluctantly endorsed him in 2000. My opposition to Bush’s massive spending began long before Bush backed amending the Constitution to deny gay citizens civil rights. My opposition to the conduct of the war began very early – almost as soon as looting took place and Rumsfeld embraced the chaos his terribly-managed occupation had begun to foster. I’m used to these slurs, and the record shows they are baseless. But the notion that I would be finding excuses for torture if Bush had refused to back the FMA is so vile an attack on my integrity it deserves a response. My position on this question has been the same my whole life. I grew up reading Orwell and Solzhenitsyn. I was educated to have an acute awareness of the evil of totalitarianism, and to see torture as that system’s ultimate weapon. Anyone committed to human freedom in any way finds torture an abomination; and my abhorrence of it stems from my religious faith and also my love for America and all she has always stood for. To try and trivialize my position on this, as James Taranto disgustingly did, and as Mark Shea now does, is simply beneath civilized discourse. As is the crude reduction of my defense of the dignity and equality of homosexual persons as a mere defense of my own “sex life”.


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