EVERYONE HAS AIDS!!! The genius of the South Park writers is that their glorious parodies are so often too close to reality. Gay cowboys with chocolate pudding? Coming up … And then there was that amazing scene from last year’s best movie-comedy, “Team America.” It was a parody of the dreadful musical, “Rent,” called “Lease!” One of the show-stoppers was a big musical number called, “Everyone Has Aids!” My favorite lyric

“C’mon, everybody, we got quiltin’ to do!” And then in this morning’s NYT, we got a full-page pull-out with the slogan: “WE ALL HAVE AIDS” (Funny, even I don’t have AIDS. I was unaware that Will Smith, Tom Hanks and Bishop Tutu did, but I hope they’re doing well on their meds). Glamor Vanity Fair-style pics of the usual AIDS groupies and hangers-on. But this time: with no shoes on! You can get your “WE ALL HAVE AIDS” t-shirts here. Available at Barney’s. Where else?


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