Money quote:

The United States can win this global war without employing torture. That we will not resort to what comes so naturally to Islamic terrorists also defines the nobility of our cause, reminding us that we need not and will not become anything like our enemies.

I don’t agree with everything in Hanson’s piece, and believe he has failed to grasp how torture in our current war is different than that which has occurred sporadically in the past, because today, torture is legal policy, approved by the president. To give a simple example, American troops have improvised “waterboarding” in the past. On the two documented occasions before the Bush torture era, the men involved were subsequently court-martialed. Today, they are given legal cover by the Justice Department. But Hanson is always worth reading; and he grasps the deep importance of the moral component of this war. My health is returning and my own response to Charles’ thoughtful piece is forthcoming.


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