My other half stumbled across the beagle-mutt below two weeks ago. She was given up to the local animal shelter and was about to be euthanized. He fell in love with her. And so our family now has four members. She’s utterly unlike our other beagle, Dusty. Dusty’s a Snoopy-style beagle. Her usual facial expression consists of something along the lines if: “And your point is …?” – usually after ransacking the garbage, or puking on the couch, or rolling in a dead fish on the beach. Eddy, as we’re calling the new adoptee, just flings her love around, knocking anything and anyone out of the way. I gave in to my DP’s request, because he’s always wanted another dog, and he’s a very shrewd judge of dogs. He was right about this one. Dusty hasn’t been too ornery about her new sister, and her aloofness is softening a little. Anyway, in a pretty depressing time, I thought I’d post something a little cheerier. As I write, the DP is yelling “Drop it!” in the background. What else?

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “AIDS has become a huge industry that has made careers, fame and fortune for many. But the rush over the corpses and voices of people with HIV in the pursuit of power, institutionalization and fundraising has been disgraceful. Part of the reason is because of the lessened presence on these boards by people who were fighting for their own lives. We did some research at POZ last week to see how people with HIV were represented on the boards of major AIDS organizations today. What we found is disturbing: GMHC: 13 on the board, only 2 HIV+; God’s Love: 26/1; APLA: 20/1; Chicago AIDS Foundation 40/2; Whitman Walker 42/4; SF AIDS Foundation 16/6; Amfar: 25/1.” – Sean Strub, AIDS activist and founder of Poz magazine. By the way, the claimed donated cost of the massive celebrity media campaign to tell the world that Will Smith has AIDS (when he doesn’t) is $600 million.


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