A dissent.

EMAIL OF THE DAY: A reader nails it:

Now I may be HIV-poz (since ’98) and you may be HIV-poz and it takes nerves of steel to cope with it. And I am bearing up fairly well, thank you. So are you. I resent the condescension inherent in the “Let’s pretend-we-have-AIDS” crowd. These are often the same celebrity clowns who knock the big pharmaceutical companies who have kept me alive and healthy. Knowing what I know now, if I didn’t have HIV, I’d be the first one to exclaim “I don’t have HIV!” But I do. And I take literally no comfort in knowing Will Smith earns free publicity and good will for saying he feels sorry for me.

Can you imagine how much money was spent on that idiotic ad insert in the NYT? If you want evidence for why the AIDS establishment often seems so out of it, this kind of p.r. nonsense is Exhibit A.


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