“I’ve seen a lot of lefty critics who have hammered Packer because he supported the war and, in their eyes, hasn’t been forthcoming enough about admitting he was wrong about that. Michael Hirsh led the charge here in these pages a couple of months ago. I have three words for these critics: get over yourselves. Perhaps someday we’ll ship Packer and his fellow liberal hawks off to reeducation camps and force tearful confessions of doctrinal error out of them, but for now partisans on both sides could do worse than admit that the world comes in shades of gray and neither success nor failure in Iraq was quite as preordained as you might think. A little bit of difficulty figuring out where you stand on the war isn’t quite the moral failing some seem to think it is.” – Kevin Drum, on the Washington Monthly blog. Very nicely put. I’ve been both ridiculed and scorned for my mood swings on how the war is going, but they have been honest attempts to understand in real time what is an immensely complex and opaque situation. The real suspicion should be reserved for those who have seen nothing but failure for the past three years or nothing but brilliant success. The truth is in between; as is the prospect for ultimate success. Even now. Perhaps especially now.


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