The Iron Lady meets Monty Python:

[Thatcher’s daughter], Carol said: “The memory loss is very strange because her recollection of distant events is still sharp. A friend commented to her the other week: ‘Oh, Margaret, it’s like rationing!’ Immediately, my mother sparkled and this fellow got 15 minutes on wartime privations, including all mum’s favourite recipes for Spam.”

Wonderful spam.

BEFORE GAY CULTURE? The Provincetown Banner runs occasional stories from its previous editions. This one is from 1950. Check it out:


At the regular meeting of the Provincetown Chamber of Commerce on Monday night, Chief of Police William N. Rogers will speak on various phases of the problem created by the summer influx of ‘The Boys,’ according to an announcement yesterday by Chamber president, Joseph E. Macara.

Commenting on the subject for discussion, Mr. Macara termed the problem one of foremost importance and added that while there has been a tendency to shy away from bringing it out into the open, he felt that it had reached such proportions that the Chamber of Commerce should give it the consideration it demands.

Each season, he said, the number of ‘The Boys’ continues to increase and with the increase in numbers and abnormal actions of many become more public and brazen with the result that more and more normal people turn away from the town in disgust.

Mr. Macara said the problem will be difficult to handle but it must be met and solved before the summer trade of the town is seriously damaged and before some climax in abnormality occurs.

A couple of questions. Was this serious? I don’t know enough precisely about the atmosphere in 1950, but this seems a little draconian for Ptown. But maybe I’ve under-estimated the staggering speed of cultural change. But the metaphors. “Climax of abnormality!” One of ‘the boys’ wrote that one, I bet you.


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