Mark Levin has apparently not read any of the government reports about torture or the Red Cross reports. I have. They do indeed deal with Abu Ghraib, the worst of which we have yet to see, but they also cover the broader issue of how the abuse occurred, how techniques used at Guantanamo Bay “migrated” to Abu Ghraib, and how legal decisions made at the very top of this administration played a part in compounding a horrible problem. The Red Cross reports document horrifying abuse and torture in every theater of combat. Levin asks for more specifics. Has he ever heard of the “Salt Pit” in Afghanistan? The murder at Bagram? The CIA directives for “waterboarding,” now apparently authorized against eleven detainees, according to the Washington Post? Levin can read my now-dated summary here. Or he can read the excellent source for my review, Mark Danner’s compilation of all the Bush administration memos permitting torture, as well as the abundant reports of real cases. More published reading material can be found here. The press reports are too voluminous to compress here, but they show a consistent pattern of abuse and torture, followed by non-punishment or nominal investigation. Levin can read about a few of these incidents and cases here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. There’s much more, but I presume my own obligation to improve Levin’s access to the facts has been fulfilled. I recommend Google as well.


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