Here’s a reason submitted by a reader:

I agree with Don Graham’s assessment that news is moving online, but I’m going to degrade myself and defend the paper version for one simple reason: “the pooper paper”.
If and when all newspapers move to an online form, I’ll simply have to stop going to the bathroom. Every day, I get the news online, but I get detailed news in the bathroom. Every paper has editorials, special reports about local families, even bizarre classified ads from women who want to do things no other human wants. So, for the sake of humanity, there is always going to be a paper version of the news. I’ve tried reading a laptop in the bathroom and it’s just not the same.

Ah, yes, the bog-read. That’s where I absorb the NYT Book Review, Entertainment Weekly, Commonweal, and the Economist. Dead trees still have their uses. And in my recent case of what turned out to be food poisoning, I read a lot.


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