Brent Bozell says I’m no “conservative.” Enjoy. Label debates are silly. But I should say, for the record, that I favor the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, have been horrified by the incompetence of the occupation, but have been trying to make constructive arguments for how to win for quite a while now. Yes, I oppose the torture and abuse of military detainees. I’m a little stunned that this is now something that now requires one to be seen as a “liberal.” I support almost all of Bush’s tax cuts (I support the estate tax) but also believe in balanced budgets and spending restraint (heretic!); I oppose affirmative action; I oppose hate crime laws; I respect John Kerry’s military service; I believe all abortion is morally wrong and that Roe vs Wade was dreadful constitutional law (but I do favor legal first trimester abortions); I support states’ rights, especially in social policy, such as marriage; I oppose the expansion of the welfare state, as in the Medicare prescription drug plan; I supported John Roberts’ nomination and Sam Alito’s; I believe in a firm separation of religion and politics, but I certainly take faith seriously and wrestle with my own. As regular readers know, I’m no fan of the far left. At some point, I have endorsed every single Republican president in my adult life. All of that makes me a “liberal.” Imagine what it now takes to be a “conservative” in Brent Bozell’s eyes.

READING IN THE JOHN: Ok, well maybe papers are going to die after all:

Your reader appears to make a strong point with his x93pooper paperx94 argument, yet reveals himself as little more than a lavatory Luddite when he somehow neglects to consider the widespread impact of Blackberries and Sidekicks on media consumption and pooping patterns. Like you, I happily (well, sometimes more happily than others) read the Economist, the NY Times and the rest on the John, except that I’m on economist.com and nytimes.com and I’m reading them on my Sidekick. Not only that, but using the built-in AOL Instant Messenger, I can instantly communicate my views on the news to other tech-savvy bowel movers. The only paper I need in the bathroom is the TP itself. Except, I should note, when I’m trying to access AndrewSullivan.com x96 for some unknown reason (an abundance of etiquette on your part, letx92s just say) the Daily Dish will not load onto my Sidekick.

There’s even data to back this up. When we move to Time.com, I’m sure you’ll be able to coordinate my political movements with your other ones. Until then …


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