From bugged phone records of an Italian Islamo-fascist, who rejoiced at the beheading of Nick Berg:

In the May 28, 2004, conversation about the Berg tape, Ahmed’s co-defendant, 22-year-old Egyptian Yahia Ragheh _ described by authorities as a would-be suicide bomber _ questions Ahmed’s assertions.

“It’s not a sin?” he asks.

“Who said this?” Ahmed replied. “It’s never a sin … because the cause is never a sin … Are you scared? Are you shocked?”

“No no, I think it is a sin, I only think it’s a sin,” Ragheh said.

“When you enter a movement it’s never a sin because there’s a cause, the Islamic cause, all in hell … everyone finishes in hell, everyone. For those who wound Islam the end is this.”

This is about as brilliant an exposition of what evil can come from people who believe they are sanctioned by God and a “cause” that renders any means permissible. That evil is not restricted to Muslims. It is a universal human temptation. And, in the torture debate, it has infected us as well.

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