“Why do you bother with this guy, Levin? You are serving truth. He is serving politics. What good did it do Kerry to talk about facts? If he looked dangerous to the opposition (as I am sure you look to this guy), all they had to do was lie and lie louder to defeat him. I feel like you are falling into a trap. They draw you in because they know you want to talk about facts, and then they beat you up with lies. You can’t win, but they win every time you give them another opportunity to pretend to refute you. This Levin seems to be serving a higher cause in his mind. Even if it is not religious it is like a religion: justify what this administration does, no matter what.”

I disagree. I’m not up for election. And I think that all debate helps flush out the truth. Even if a majority decides to ignore the truth, in the end, it will count. Unlike Kerry, I also believe in fighting back against lies and smears. In fact, I’m delighted that the NRO-Reynolds chorus has finally decided, after months and months of pretending there was nothing to debate, that they have to deal with this question. The trouble is: their long months of denial and evasion have made them lazy and stunningly uninformed. Which is worth flushing out as well.


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