This is such a great, great day. Iraqis turn out in massive numbers to move their country forward; and America regains her honor by finally, unequivocally reasserting a ban on torture and adherence to the U.N. Convention on Torture. I’ll have more to say tomorrow. But the sight of so many Arab and Kurdish Muslims having a chance to actually determine their own future is inspiring. We have so much more work to do; but now we can hold our heads up in pride. The heroes within the military and CIA and diplomatic services who resisted and finally overcame the Cheney-Rumsfeld axis of brutality deserve congratulations. John McCain has served one more mission in defense of his country’s ideals. One particular vote of thanks to Ian Fishback, the young man who risked his career to end un-American abuse and torture of defenseless detainees. He’s now training for the Special Forces – to go on and fight our enemy, with dignity, humanity and honor. May God protect him and all those who are protecting us. This was a fight for their honor too. And a tribute to their service and to the men and women who preceded them.

HOMOPHOBIA IN THE GENES? Mickey and Bob debate and discuss.


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