“Re: the charge that you were “unspecific” on torture — you took an absolutist position (which I imagine even many of your supporters disagree with) against torture. That’s not unspecific. That’s as specific as you can get. If they mean unspecific as to your allegations, that’s also incorrect. You specifically referred them to specific government publications and other reports, and sometimes specifically excerpted from those reports.

Re: the charge that you were moralistic — I’d happily accept that one, Andrew. It’s to your credit that you were being moralistic about what’s a very moral issue on several different levels: the intrinsic immorality of torture (as Krauthammer also pointed out), the immorality of continuing to engage in a general pattern of behavior that most knowledgeable people (e.g. Sen. McCain) believe undermines both the national security and honor of the United States. Your antagonizers were in denial, and then blasxe9 about it. You were moralistic, partly in response to their denigration and condescension. Now they’re cheering the result, which they did nothing to bring about and you did a lot to bring about. Please be proud, and get rip-roaring drunk this weekend if that’s your thing.”


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