You may have read the original Catholic News Service Review I linked to yesterday. Well, the Vatican was not pleased. And so the review has been changed. The rating given originally was “L” for “appropriate for limited adult audiences”. The new rating is “O” for morally offensive. The reviewer’s name has been taken off the review. The theocon website, a conduit for the most reactionary forces in the Church, i.e. Benedict, Neuhaus, et al., exults here. Here’s the old cache for the intellectually honest review. Here’s the censored one.

THE VATICAN AND BROKEBACK: You can see why this movie may pose a threat to Benedict’s anti-gay crusade. I haven’t seen it yet, alas, but just read the gut-wrenching and beautiful short story on which it’s based. It’s an astonishingly beautiful piece of writing. The story is about love: human love. Not homosexual love; or heterosexual love. Just love. And the immense psychic pain and cruelty inflicted on countless human beings for so many centuries because of whom they fell in love with. I haven’t seen the movie yet, because it hasn’t reached DC yet. But the story’s message is, to my mind, one of the more eloquent rebukes to the current Vatican. You know, the Vatican that speaks, at its most compassionate, of the “affliction” of “deep-seated homosexual tendencies.” Change one word and you see the truth the Church hierarchy refuses to see. How about “deep-seated homosexual love?” In Annie Proulx’s inspired story, that becomes something deeper and grander: “deep-seated human love.” That’s what the Pope is so afraid of. And why, in the end, he will lose this argument. Love and truth are on the other side of the debate. And our Catholic faith assures us that love and truth win in the end. Popes come and go; but the truth remains. And slowly, painfully, the truth is coming nout.

IS BUSH ABOVE THE LAW? It would appear so.


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