If you haven’t been following Radley Balko’s posts about the case of Cory Maye over at The Agitator, you should. In a nutshell, the story is this: Late in 2001, police in Prentiss, Mississippi, got a tip that Jamie Smith, who lived on the other side of a duplex with Cory Maye, was dealing drugs. Police execute a no-knock raid, bursting into Maye’s side of the duplex late at night, while Maye and his young daughter are asleep. Maye (who is black) wakes up, sees armed intruders, and fires off a shot—killing the (white) son of the chief of police. Maye now sits on death row.

You can read Radley’s first post on the case here, and here is his most recent post with trial transcripts, but it’s really worth scrolling through for the whole series.

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